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How to download the SitePodium App

The Fleurieu Connections Alliance is using SitePodium, a smart phone app that provides information about our works.

SitePodium presents the information in a social media style feed, allowing photos and information to be shared quickly.

The app has an option for you to provide feedback about current project works and design, as well as a message option to contact the Alliance team.

How to install SitePodium and follow the Fleurieu Connections Alliance:

• Download and install SitePodium from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android) or scan the QR code below;

• Read and accept the terms and conditions;

• Go to the ‘Discover’ section;

• Search for ‘Fleurieu Connections Alliance;

• Select and tap ‘Follow’ on your selected project/s;

Main South Road Duplication; and/ or

Victor Harbor Road Duplication.

You can contact the Fleurieu Connections Alliance via:

Phone: 1300 896 826


SitePodium App: contact tab