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Community and stakeholder engagement is an important aspect of this project. As planning and construction progress, we will continue to engage with landowners, businesses, and residents to ensure that everyone is well-informed about the project, and impacts are minimized.

We have a dedicated Community Engagement team that can be contacted by email at or by phone at 1300 896 826.

We are committed to keeping you informed throughout the project, and to achieve this, we will make use of various communication methods including:

  • Monthly works update that will be emailed to our distribution list and letterbox dropped to local areas near the project works;
  • Updated information will be made available on our website about traffic changes and night work;
  • We will use VMS boards located near the work to advise of dates and times of work activities;
  • If your property is directly impacted by the work, we will make direct contact with you by phone or door-knocks; and
  • Other opportunities, such as community information sessions and newsletters, will also be provided.

We encourage you to sign up to receive email or SMS notifications about the work. Click here to sign up and stay informed.

Drone and timelapse photography

Drone and time-lapse photography will be frequently used during the project to capture its progress and milestones.

Time-lapse cameras are positioned towards the construction site, while drone images will capture both construction works and some aerial shots for providing local area context.

The drone is operated in compliance with the rules of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, which mandates a minimum distance of 30 meters from people.

The footage captured by the drone will be used for digital engineering and other project purposes.

As engineers are increasingly employing advanced technologies to gather data and develop designs in a digitized environment, drone footage enables them to explore possibilities and develop innovative solutions in a virtual environment.