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Landscaping almost complete on Fleurieu projects

Wed, 29 May, 2024

The landscaping program for the Main South Road and Victor Harbor Road Duplications projects is almost complete.

The final batches of plants are ready to go and they will be part of the almost 172,000 trees, shrubs and under-storey plants that will mature along the two roadways in the years to come.

Ecodynamics Landscape Supervisor Belinda Schultz is pictured with the plants that are ready to be added to the landscaping program for the two road duplications.

The final planting sites include the Quarry Road basin next to Victor Harbor Road.

Species include a number of varieties of sedge, several acacias as well as salt bushes and ground covers.

The sedge species include Gahnia filum, which is the host plant for the endangered Sedge Skipper butterfly.

Species have been chosen that require little maintenance or ongoing watering. Over time, their growth will provide habitat for birds and wildlife and amenity for the community.

A collection of plantings have been undertaken next to the new roundabout on Victor Harbor Road.